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Learn proven speed reading methods and retain knowledge in one hour!

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Richard has successfully taught over 25,000 people to hurry read!

Come with me on a journey to quickly track your reading and comprehension!

Most people read consciously, which suggests they use 5% of their minds. What would happen if you’ll use 25% of your mind? Or 50%? Would you wish to effortlessly increase your comprehension level five times or maybe ten times?

Richard taught high school math for five years before becoming Head Instructor for Speed Reading Toronto, Canada. He next became a certified Master Hypnotist/Relaxation. Combining the 2 professions, it dramatically shortened his student’s learning curve for Speed Reading.

In this experiential course (Yes, you’ve got to try to do the exercises and practice), Richard unlocks the key of your mind during a gentle, effective manner which will have you ever whipping through memos, emails, technical manuals and, yes, even reading and enjoying your favorite books in record time!

Untrained readers use the central focus of their eyes, but don’t use “horizontal surround vision” as they read about 50% of their reading speed has been lost. In this course, we’ll show you an easy method to essentially doubling your reading speed, by removing this loss.

The untrained reader tends to consciously re-read lines and back-skip (subconscious rereading thanks to their eyes jumping around) for up to 30% of their reading.

What you will learn:

1) The importance of Hand Motion. This is essential for speed reading in discouraging in schools, strange enough. Yet you’ll double your speed just because this active reading secret prevents your eyes from doing the one thing eyes wish to do this slows your reading to a snail’s pace. (Lecture 7)

2) How to Super-Charge your Memory. What is the purpose of reading faster if you forget faster? (Lecture 12)

3) Relaxation and Visualization. Stress interferes with your mind’s natural brilliance. Our society is so stressful, you do not even know you’re stressed which your mind is working at extremely low efficiency. Are you running faster to carry a 50-pound backpack or without it? You read carrying a 50-pound’ backpack’. Time to let it go. (Lecture 16)

This course is ideal for you if you usually thought there were a far better thanks to acquiring knowledge and keep it.

But, if you would like my personal “insider” information – remember I’ve helped over 125,000 readers, a bit like you, dramatically increase their reading speed and retention – you would like to urge this course now … right, this minute.

Every minute you delay is really COSTING you time and money…

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