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For existing HIIT lovers to help maintain fitness levels whilst unable to get to the gym in lockdown. HIIT, LBTs, Abs, Zumba

  • Created by Barry Mapp, Emma Walton
  • Published 4/2020
  • English


Follow along with these simple sessions that you can do at home or in the garden.

One Insanity Session, Two Metafit Sessions, a ‘Legs, Bums and Tums’ and a Zumba Session.

You choose which ones to join in. You can do them all or pick and choose from your favorites!

If you’re a HIIT regular but you’ve not done these particular classes before watching the videos first so you can see the various routines and then when you feel ready to get your kit on, grab a towel, a water bottle (and a mat if you have one) and then you’ll be ready to follow along

The course is designed for students who would normally be doing regular gym classes but cannot at the moment get to Gym as most of them are shut.

2 day left at this offer!


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