English Grammar & Pronunciation: Mastering If Sentences

Master English grammar and pronunciation with my interactive lessons. Use the 4 ‘if’ sentences fluently!

  • 17 students
  • 1hr 40min of on-demand video
  • Created by Luke Jones


Do you find it difficult to use all the 4 different types of if sentences correctly? You are not alone!
The if sentences in English are difficult for many students and even many advanced students make a lot of mistakes with them.

I’m here to help you 🙂

This English grammar course specifically focuses on the different ‘if’ sentences because many English learners have trouble using the 4 different types of ‘if’ sentences correctly.

In this course you will study all the 4 different ‘if’ sentences, learn the pronunciation, practice speaking, and practice listening. You will be fluent in these grammar points by the top of the course.

In this course, you will get:

  • lectures that focus on the grammar and pronunciation of the target grammar
  • listening test for the target grammar
  • speaking practice specifically in the target grammar
  • PDF transcripts
  • and lessons to download

My name is Luke and I am a native British English speaker.
I have a Master’s Degree in English Education, I have taught English for over 10 years, and I have taught over 8,000 students on Udemy.

English grammar and pronunciation: mastery if the sentences are a course for middle English learners.

This course will help you improve English grammar, pronunciation, speaking fluency, and listening skills.

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