DMCA Copyright: Remove Online Pirated Copies of Your Work

Quickly and efficiently prevent copyright infringement

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  • Created by Neil Anderson


If you would like to get rid of illegal pirated copies of your course or eBook from the web , then this course is for you! It gives you all you would like to quickly and efficiently remove illegal copies of your work from the pirate sites and program results. You’ll save many dollars by doing it yourself rather than hiring a specialist, and you’ll save thousands of dollars in lost sales to the pirate copies.

I’m not going to bore you with detailed descriptions of copyright law. Nobody’s curious about that, you only want to understand the way to remove the pirate copies of your work as quickly and simply as possible. This course is totally to the purpose , I show you exactly what to try to to with practical and straightforward to follow demonstrations. You’ll have your pirated work cleaned up in no time so you’ll revisit to doing what you’re keen on best – creating great content.

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