Canva Tutorial: Social Media Design For Beginners

In this canvas tutorial for beginners you will learn how to design professional background covers for your social media.

  • Created by Joseph Evans Jr


Would you like to learn about social media design?

Are you curious about Canva and need someone to help walk you through the basics?

Welcome to Canva Tutorial: Beginners Social Media Design

Now more than ever it is becoming necessary to market yourself and have a presence on social media. One way to separate yourself is by having professionally designed background covers and images on all your social media accounts.

The traditional approach to getting this done is to hire a graphic designer and pay them hundreds of dollars to make the designs for your brand on social media.

While this is usually the best way to brand yourself, this can become very expensive especially when you’re just getting started. So as an alternative, learn social media design in this canvas tutorial for beginners

Designing in Canva is fun, easy, and best of all its free to get started.

Some of the topics we’ll cover:

  • How to use Canva like a pro
  • How to find over 600,000 high-quality images for free
  • Create your own canvas account
  • How to add text and elements
  • How to Download and upload your background covers to your social media accounts

Enroll in this course now and get started immediately designing in canvas!

See you on the inside.

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